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Kay Cooper - Designer & Storyteller of The Dolls Coop
We are a small family run business based in Perth Western Australia.  We started our business in June 2001.

My husband Brian produces the patterns and also names the dolls and does all the computer work.  He is also our photographer and likes the patterns to be very basic and easy to follow.

This means that our dolls are able to be done by people of any skill level. I have in fact learnt to sew making these dolls. We have had primary school children try our dolls and had great success with them.

Then we have our daughter Tegan, she is our sales rep and quality control person.  Tegan has a lot to do with our dolls and many of our creations have started with her suggestions.  Tegan usually runs our Craft Fairs and helps with P.R.

I am the designer and story teller.  I have always dreamed of having a business that I could run from home and include my family, doing my favourite thing - cloth doll design.

So the service we provide is basically cloth doll designs for which we sell patterns and kits and also teach doll making.  Although I have a few bear patterns which will appear later on our site, I am more at home with cloth dolls.
Our patterns are designed to be done easily. I am a bit dyslexic and find reading patterns very difficult. We wanted our patterns to be easy for everyone as so many crafts are not accessible to the average person.

We like to think our dolls look effective with very little effort,  each doll can be done with as little or as much embellishment as the individual likes.

We are very big on encouraging people and lifting self esteem,  I have had phone calls from people who have taken my patterns and added their own personal touches.  It is really exciting to hear a person, who has never done anything like this, go for it and have such great success.

We run lessons on a Wednesday mornings and are happy to run local workshops. Our address is Cottonwool Creations, Shop 3/211 Railway Ave, Kelmscott WA  6112 .  If you have any questions for us to answer, it would make it easier than trying to do this cold, so hear from you soon.
Kay Cooper
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