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How it works
e-Commerce facility provided by Mal's e-Commerce
e-Commerce Portal
With our safe, secure, on-line Shopping Cart service through the Aussie Teddies e-Commerce Portal, you can rest assured your personal and credit card details are 100% safe.

Using military strength encryption facilities, your credit card and personal details are saved in a double password protected facility that only Aussie Teddies and I have access to.

Once you have completed your order, I am notified by e-mail of your order and Aussie Teddies accesses my double password protected e-commerce account.  From there, your credit card details are downloaded and your purchase is processed 100% safely off-line through the Aussie Teddies merchant account.  Your credit card details are then immediately deleted from my secure server...that's about as safe as you can get!

If you wish to pay by check, money order, bank draft, or the exciting new International Internet Bank Transfer, still click on the Add to Shopping Cart button, as our facility provides the option for you to pay by these other methods.

The Shopping Cart facility also automatically adds shipping costs for each individual bear...just follow the easy instructions to complete your order as painlessly and safely as possible.

NOTE: The charge for this bear will appear on your credit card statement in the name of 'Handyway Driftwood' the Aussie Teddies account used for its e-Commerce Portal.