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QUESTION 1:   How do I order from this website?
Answer...We use a fully secure, on-line ordering system through which you can pay using your credit card or by check or internet banking transfer.  Just click on the 'Add to Order' shopping cart button on each page to complete your order, with each order individualised with postage for your country (click on link at right top for more).
QUESTION 2:  Can I Layby/Lay Away one of your products?
Answer...You most certainly can...Just use our normal ordering system (i.e. click on the 'Add to Order' button) for the item you wish to lay away, and in the comments section of the secure on-line ordering form, just insert a brief note letting us know that this order is for a lay away, and telling me how much you wish to pay as a deposit.  If you are paying by credit card, just click on the credit card option and, as I transact all my credit card transactions off-line, I will just charge your for the agreed amount. For future payments, you can simply e-mail me, advising me of how much each installment is you want to pay at that time, and I will put a charge through on your credit card for the amount of each payment (or you can send me a cheque).  Lay Aways are only available on any item priced at A$50 or more.  See my lay away/lay-by conditions at right....
QUESTION 3:  How is my Dolls Coop product shipped?
Answer...We use Australia Post for all our shipping—fully registered and insured within Australia; and Economy Air, fully insured with Delivery Confirmation for overseas.  All Dolls Coop products are shipped in fully approved Australia Post containers for maximum security.
QUESTION 4:  Are all products immediately available?
Answer...In most cases, yes...but if we don't have a particular product in stock when you order it, we will advise you of an anticipated delivery date if we have to make it up for you.  This normally takes a couple of weeks.
QUESTION 5:  What guarantees do you offer?
Answer...The Dolls Coop offers a full, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied that your product is as described on our website (less postage costs).
Lay-by/Lay Away Terms & Conditions

Layby/Lay Away terms are available to suit your needs. Normally I require a twenty percent (20%) deposit on initial order, and completion within three (3) months would be appreciated.
I invite you to e-mail me to discuss your order and terms. I am happy to tailor the layby/lay away payments to suit your requirements.
International orders can be in A$, US$, £Sterling or NZ$, and payments can be made by credit card, check, internet banking transfer, or money order. Or you can use your credit card from this site by going back to the orignal  page and clicking on the Add to Order button.  Refunds are not available on laybys/lay aways, however, I'm happy to give you a credit towards another Dolls Coop product.  Postage and insurance charges are payable. Contact us for details.  Please complete the normal 'Add to Order' procedure, and include a note in the Comments section that it is a lay away, and the amount of deposit you wish to pay. Your order will become effective and binding upon receipt of your layby/lay away deposit.
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